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The sacks of 'green beans' are shipped into the Roastery. The coffee beans are then sorted and carefully roasted to optimal perfection, under the watchful eye of the master roaster. The art of roasting is a finite process of combining raw beans, moisture content and controlled temperatures, ย byย gently releasing oils and the coffees wonderful aromatics. There are many steps in the coffee process from the 'plantation to the cup' and the Hand-roasting of the coffee is an art and skill which requires the roaster to be extremely sensitive to the transformation of the bean, so as to achieve the best roast suited to the character of the bean.

Our master roaster's senses are fine tuned to monitor the colour and size of the beans, the aromas, and know what to listen for when the coffee bean goes through the various stages of roasting, to ensure that the coffee bean is roasted to perfection.


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Christmas & NY Closing Dates

Last day for order dispatch is 22 December.

We'll be closing over the festive season to take a long-awaited break for 2 weeks. Our final work day for 2021 will be 22 December. We will open the roastery doors again on Monday 10 January 2022.

Please note: any orders placed during this break will not be actioned until our return in the New Year.

Happy holidays ๐ŸŽ…

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