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On average, third world coffee farmers receive a paltry 10 per cent of the eventual retail price. As competition among growers - 70 per cent of whom are smallholders - has stiffened; a combination of price reductions and undercutting has left them exposed to the fluctuations of the volatile coffee market. Along with the negative effect this has had on living conditions, the drive for increased output has had a knock-on effect on the environment as well, with monocropping and sun grown coffee now the norm. And given that most coffee growing regions are also home to some of the most delicate eco-systems on earth; the potential for serious damage is strong. (Source: George Blacksell for The Guardian, How Green is your Coffee)

So where does your local roaster come in?

Along with greater coffee consumption has come greater awareness of the problems both from coffee industry people and the consumer. La Casa has always had a strong commitment to sustainable, fair-traded, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and other ethically traded products. It's really a no brainer for us to give back to the industry that we are in, to protect workers’ rights and welfare, to protect the environment for us all, and of course to pay a fair price for a higher welfare green bean. We show a great support for the PNG coffees being one of our closest neighbours and by doing so we are keeping our carbon footprint down and supporting a developing nation in our region.


We roast a 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified single origin – Mexico Finca Kassandra – from a family owned Rainforest Alliance farm in Mexico. We also use this coffee in some of our blends. Then we discovered a Sumatran bean – it’s delicious, but it’s not Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance but it does support the tiger conservation projects in Sumatra.

Then there’s our house blend, aptly name, la Casa Blend, it's a medium roasted blend of five A graded beans. It contains more than 30% Rainforest Alliance Certified beans from Brasil and Mexico; Arabica beans from Papua New Guinea and Africa.

Our other blends are fair traded beans and we try and support developing and emerging organic coffee markets across the world with our Seasonal Organic label.


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