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Blends for espresso, perc and plunger

Tropicana, our signature blend: Tropicana is an Italian style espresso coffee, blended from five of the worlds “A” grade green beans and roasted to perfection. Balanced, sweet and mild acidity, medium body with smooth consistency texture and density. The flavour is hazelnut with bittersweet chocolate finish and cherry notes. You’ll get a superior tasting espresso coffee, with thick crema, no bitterness and a pleasant dark chocolate and malt, honey floral sweetness after taste. A premium, consistently good quality espresso blend.

French Roast: la Casa del Caffe’s French Roast is a traditional blend of high quality coffees from the worlds premium coffee growing regions of Central and South America and Africa. It’s a very smooth classic true to its Français origins.

Italian Blend: Our Italian blend is a strong and pure Italian style coffee. It has full flavour and lots of body, low acidity with a fruity and fragrant complex aftertaste. The perfect blend for refined espressos.

Decaffeinated: a Colombian Mountain Water decaf that’s well processed with a quality finish and is Rainforest Alliance Certified. The Mountain Water Decaffeination process eliminates the chemical taste that can sometimes occur with other decaffeination processes. The body and flavour is mild to medium with some sweet notes and nuttiness. Our Decaf is as flavoursome as the real thing and a godsend to people trying to cut down on caffeine.

Single Origin

Kassandra, Mexico, Rainforest Alliance Certified: A delicate high grown estate coffee. Soft body, with distinct floral and citrus notes. Beautifully prepared beans from one of Mexico’s leading estates. This coffee grows under shade trees and is hand picked, washed and sorted at the Finca's own mills.

Honduras: returning soon.

Guatemala: Organic, bird friendly, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified from Finca Ceylan, in the Atitlan region of Guatemala. So much heart and soul goes into this coffee, from the complexities of the fruit grown in rich volcanic soil freshly picked and walked down the mountainside to the mills. Tasting Notes: Cocoa, some orange and floral accents, honey, hints of raspberry, delicate cherry notes.

Independent Analysis of la Casa del Caffe, Tropicana Blend

by Julian Melbourne, Quality Espresso Training Centre.

The following tests were undertaken on a Futurmat F3 espresso machine and Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder.

The first impression I had when I’ve started to analyze your coffee was quite positive because the coffee beans were amazingly fresh and the aroma surrounded my office instantly. Once opened, the beans were not “sweated”, the oils and fats were still inside the beans and that meant a very rich emulsion when preparing the espresso shots.

I have used a single dose, 30ml extraction over a 28 second delivery time to get the perfect balance between acidity, bitterness, sweetness and body.

In my opinion it is the best espresso because the cup is very complete from all the sensory points: very rich and fresh aroma (no burnt nor piquant), good body, a little bit of acidity, low bitterness, thick and brown crema.

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