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la Casa, our signature blend (formerly known as Tropicana): the house blend is an Italian style espresso coffee, blended from five of the worlds “A” grade green beans and roasted to perfection. Balanced, sweet and mild acidity, medium body with smooth consistency texture and density. The flavour is hazelnut with bittersweet chocolate finish and cherry notes. You’ll get a superior tasting espresso coffee, with thick crema, no bitterness and a pleasant dark chocolate and malt, honey floral sweetness after taste. A premium, consistently good quality espresso blend.Seasonal Organics is a small batch roasted, organic specialty coffee line from la Casa del Caffe.

Seasonal Organics 3 Bean Blend is 100% Organic Arabica beans from Mexico Organic Chiapas, Colombia Fairtrade Organic and PNG Kokoda Organic. The beans are NASAA Organic Certified, mostly Shade grown, hand picked and sun dried. Flavours are cocoa, hazelnut and sweet delicate fruit. We have created a Medium roast profile to bring out the dark chocolate notes and to retain the delicate fruity sweetness. It is full-bodied, smooth and well balanced.
Best brewed as an espresso, great with milk coffees (cappuccino, latte, flat white), makes a flavoursome filter and plunger.

French Roast: la Casa del Caffe’s French Roast is a traditional blend of high quality coffees from the worlds premium coffee growing regions of Central and South America and Africa. It’s a very smooth classic true to its Français origins.

Italian Blend: Our Italian blend is a strong and pure Italian style coffee. It has full flavour and lots of body, low acidity with a fruity and fragrant complex aftertaste. The perfect blend for refined espresso.

Colombian Blend:  The Colombian Blend uses the highest quality Colombian beans, this coffee is medium body, full flavoured with a mellow (or creamy) acidity and pronounced caramel sweetness and a nutty undertone.

Viva Brasil:  The Viva Brasil Blend is roasted using the highest quality beans from the worlds largest grower of coffee, Brasil.  A rich blend of arabica beans from the Cerrado Region in Brasil are used to create this exciting new blend. More than 50% Rainforest Alliance Certified, it is full of flavour yet a little more mild than the sound of a vuvuzela!

Cupping:  Strictly soft, fine cup with light and sweet acidity. Great chocolate and nutty notes, full bodied, good balance and mild aftertaste.


Finca Kassandra, Mexico, Rainforest Alliance Certified: A delicate high grown estate coffee. Soft body, with distinct floral and citrus notes. Beautifully prepared beans from one of Mexico’s leading estates. This coffee grows under shade trees and is hand picked, washed and sorted at the Finca's own mills.

Finca Kassandra was awarded 2nd place overall in the prestigious Cup of Excellence 2017 in Mexico.

Honduras: Back after popular demand. HONDURAS, Café Orgánico Marcala (COMSA) is a certified organic and Fairtrade single origin from Marcala, La Paz region of western Honduras. This coffee was first released as a limited edition Seasonal Organics, and because it proved so popular, we've made it a permanent addition to the la Casa single origin family. Café Orgánico Marcala (COMSA) is a society of coffee producers that are achieving economic, social and environmental objectives, as a strategy for reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development. The taste is described as complex, lively acidity, smooth body, hints of citrus and sweet hazelnut. Makes a delightful full bodied short black / espresso.

Limited Edition single origin from La Bastilla Estate, Nicaragua is a Rainforest Alliance Certified single origin and has been described as the coffee lover's coffee.  Tasting Notes: Fruity sweetness of pears, apples and citrus. It is bright, crisp and clean, with a rich aroma and long pleasant finish. It has well rounded body with undertones of caramel and almonds. - SORRY OUT OF STOCK

Decaffeinated: a Colombian Mountain Water decaf that’s well processed with a quality finish and is Rainforest Alliance Certified. The Mountain Water Decaffeination process eliminates the chemical taste that can sometimes occur with other decaffeination processes. The body and flavour is mild to medium with some sweet notes and nuttiness. Our Decaf is as flavoursome as the real thing and a godsend to people trying to cut down on caffeine.


Quality Espresso  

INDEPENDENT ANALYSIS of la Casa del Caffe, la Casa Blend

by Julian Melbourne, Quality Espresso Training Centre

The following tests were undertaken on a Futurmat F3 espresso machine and Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder.

The first impression I had when I’ve started to analyze your coffee was quite positive because the coffee beans were amazingly fresh and the aroma surrounded my office instantly. Once opened, the beans were not “sweated”, the oils and fats were still inside the beans and that meant a very rich emulsion when preparing the espresso shots.

I have used a single dose, 30ml extraction over a 28 second delivery time to get the perfect balance between acidity, bitterness, sweetness and body.

In my opinion it is the best espresso because the cup is very complete from all the sensory points: very rich and fresh aroma (no burnt nor piquant), good body, a little bit of acidity, low bitterness, thick and brown crema.


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