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Our Training team offer customised coffee and barista training for cafes and food service staff - tailored to your specific needs and your business environment.
We can come to your cafe or restaurant to provide on-site training to ensure you are getting the best possible coffee results from your own equipment. We will come to you and demonstrate how to make the coffee beverages and how to care for your coffee equipment in order to prevent problems and we will demonstrate how to use and set your grinder.
Benefits to your business: serve great tasting coffee; make grinder adjustments; develop daily cleaning habits and troubleshoot when things goes awry.
Duration: 2-3 hours | $250.00 per person | Free for Wholesale Partners


Prepare the equipment - each morning the machines needs to be recalibrated, cleaned, and the water in the boiler refreshed. It's imperative that the grinder hopper has fresh coffee beans in it and that the first few doses are discarded. Only adjust the grinder if the extraction is incorrect, or call us.

Grind, Tamp & Extract - we'll step you through the process of preparing espresso.

Texture & Pour - we'll show you the techniques for creating silky smooth milk.

Machine cleaning and troubleshooting - daily machine care will keep your equipment in optimal working order.

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