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Summer time coffee

espresso tonic 
ESPRESSO TONIC is a shot of espresso poured over a glass of ice and then topped with tonic water.  The result is a sweet and citrusy, creamy and effervescent concoction, a bit like a honeycomb lemonade - it's absolutely delicious.
How to make Espresso Tonic
We suggest the Australian made Capi Tonic water it is less bitter and lemony than other tonic waters.
Next is choosing the right coffee, you'll want a non-bitter profile that complements the tonic. Blends might be a bit too complex in their flavours so a single origin from central American like our Finca Kassandra Mexican with its clean and bright body and distinct floral and citrus notes will do the job nicely. 
(2 parts tonic to one part espresso) Start with a shot of espresso over a glass of ice (a barista will pull the espresso shot directly on top of the ice) and then top it off with 80-100ml of chilled tonic water.
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