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How to land your first barista job

One of the most common questions we hear from budding baristas is

“How do I get my first barista job if I have limited experience?”

followed by

"how do I get the experience if I can’t get the job to provide that experience?!”  

If you're in the job seeking market you may have noticed that many of the barista job ads want experienced barista, high volume, fast paced... etc

Doing a barista course is a great start but it probably wont get you behind the coffee machine, not immediately anyway. Most cafes will expect their baristas to be experienced.

However I know that many of the cafes we supply coffee to would hire people if they were found to be reliable, trustworthy and willing to learn, so next time your having a latte at your favourite cafe, ask the owner if they need any help - you might be surprised!

So how do you get the time on the coffee machine to practice your newly learned skills and get a barista job?

We are offering budding baristas hourly access to a commercial coffee machine, grinder and the chance to tap into expert advice direct from the roaster.

We call these Practice by the Hour Sessions:  Bookings are essential to ensure we have stock of milk and the machine is up and ready for use. Please note that these are not instructor lead sessions, but there's usually plenty of experts floating around to answer questions.

Sessions are on Wednesdays only between the hours 7.30am-3.00pm and a minimum 2 hour booking is required @ $35.00 per hour.

To make a booking: book and pay here and contact us on 1300 LA CASA or email with your preferred date and time.

We will supply you with a Record of Attendance to add to your CV.

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