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Cafe Guide: Getting the most out of your coffee

Cafe Guide: Getting the most out of your coffee

The ever increasing costs of running a cafe are real. The Covid pandemic is still causing issues with the availability of skilled staff and the consumer is still hesitant to venture out, and money is tight.

More and more often we are asked by our wholesale partners - how many cups should we expect to extract from a kilo of coffee? How many serves from a kilo of chai powder? How much cappuccino chocolate should we use in a hot chocolate? etc, etc.

It's easy with a tea bag or a sugar stick you can exactly work out your serving size and portion cost but the bevvy of modern day coffee options, sizes, milks and add-ons can make it a bit confusing.

Below is a snapshot of approximate costs per serving for la Casa's del Caffe's coffees.  It is a guide for cafes to get the most out of your coffee without charging the consumer a small fortune (please note that the recently and highly publicised $7 a cup is ridiculous and totally unnecessary if you are using a high quality product and regular size filter baskets ie 22-24g for a double, or 14g for a single shot).

One thing to keep in mind is that different coffees will require different grinds and serving sizes.  For instance, a light roast or single origin may require a double shot size to perfect the coffee taste for the consumer - we have based our tests on our la Casa Blend and we have allowed for some spillage/waste.

All of our traditional blends, Italian, French Roast, Tazza D’oro, Colombian and la Casa will yield approximately 80 cups out of a kilo when using a double 24 gram basket (2 x12g serves) - you’ll get less if making a single 14 gram basket like you would for a short black or 12oz cup.

La Casa Blend or Single Origin Kg Price (inc GST) Cups per kg Unit Cost
Double shots - 24g Double basket $30.00 80 $0.38
Single Shots based on 15g Single basket $30.00 65 $0.46
Decaf $30.00 40 $0.75


(the unit cost includes only the coffee bean price. It does not include other costs such as milk, electricity, rent, wages, etc)

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