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NEW Seasonal Organics for Summer


We've been having a great time selecting our next limited edition for - SEASONAL ORGANICS. What could be better than sourcing green beans from diverse and unique places and then getting to taste them in their purest form (an espresso), over and over again.  

We have agreed on the origin of our next release!

This Summer we'll all be enjoying an organic (of course), bird friendly, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified Guatemalan single origin.  Bellissimo...

 Available here while stocks last

Here's a little reading about the coffee, the estate and the region....

GUATAMALA, Atitlan, Finca Ceylan

Country: Guatamala
Region: Atitlan
Location: Finca de Ceylan
Processing: Washed
Climate: Tropical humid, warm weather
Altitude: 1100 – 1600 masl
Certification: Organic and Bird Friendly

Finca Ceylan is certified Organic, RFA, UTZ and Bird-Friendly by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. The estate uses 300 hectares for coffee production intercropped with a rich diversity of shade trees and bananas, and the remaining 100 hectares is preserved forest.  Shade grown coffee develops slower, thereby giving you a harder and more favourable bean. Coffee cherries are meticulously sorted and processed through an environmentally friendly wet mill that utilises recycled water. Pulp from processing is also collected, composted, and used as the base for organic fertiliser. The Echeverria family have a firm commitment to their employees and ensures a safe healthy environment with housing, clean drinking water, and education at the Ceylan estate.

So much heart and soul goes into this coffee, from the complexities of the fruit grown in rich volcanic soil freshly picked and walked down the mountainside to the mills.

Atitlan coffees are a perfect choice for those in search of both cup quality and a coffee grown in harmony between the earth and the people on it.


Roast: Medium
Harvest time: October – March/April
Growing Conditions: Shade grown, hand picked and sun dried
Body: Complex, smooth, well balanced
Description:  Cocoa, some orange and floral accents, honey, hints of raspberry, delicate cherry notes


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