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Trading fairly in the coffee industry-how we do it

Trading fairly in the coffee industry-how we do it

We have always had a strong commitment to sustainable, fair-traded, FAIRTRADE, Rainforest Alliance and other ethically traded products. It's really a no brainer for us to give back to the industry that we are in, to protect workers’ rights and welfare, including the women and children, to protect the environment for us all, and of course to pay a fair price for a higher welfare green bean. We show a great support for the PNG coffees being one of our closest neighbours and we are keeping the food miles down and supporting a developing nation in our region.

We roast certified Fairtrade coffee with the Fairtrade seal and advertise for Fairtrade Australia on our label and pay our dues to them – we also use this coffee under our Seasonal Organics label – as our limited edition Honduran because it’s a great coffee – we still buy the Fairtrade green bean we just don’t put the seal on that label.

We do a 100% Rainforest Certified – our Finca Kassandra – from a family owned farm Rainforest Alliance farm in Mexico.  Then we discovered a Sumatran bean – it’s delicious, but it’s not Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance – it supports the tiger conservation projects in Sumatra.

Then there’s my favourite blend Tropicana and that’s the one everyone loves - it's a mix of RFA Brazilian, RFA Mexican and a PNG A grade - all coffees that are traded well in excess of the fair-trade price base.

Our other blends are all fair-traded beans (note not the trademark- Fairtrade) and we try and support developing and emerging coffee markets across the world with our Seasonal Organic label.

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