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Is it time to change-up your daily coffee routine?

Is it time to change-up your daily coffee routine?

Here are a few fun ways to change your daily coffee brewing routine using cafetiere (french press/plunger), aeropress, and pour over:

Cafetiere: Try using a coarse grind and brewing your coffee with cold water overnight in the fridge. This is known as cold brew coffee and can result in a smoother, sweeter and... a colder coffee!

Aeropress: Try using a reverse method, where you add the coffee grounds last instead of first. This can help prevent over-extraction and result in a brighter, more balanced cup of coffee.

Pour over: Try using a "pulse pour" method, where you pour the hot water in small, quick bursts rather than a continuous stream. This can help ensure even extraction and result in a more complex, nuanced cup of coffee.

Cafetiere: Add a small pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, or cardamom to your coffee grounds before brewing for a subtle, spiced flavour.

Aeropress: Experiment with different water temperatures and brew times to find the perfect combination for your taste. For example, a lower water temperature and shorter brew time can result in a brighter, fruitier cup of coffee.

Pour over: Use a brewing vessel with a narrow opening, like a Hario V60, and brew your coffee directly into a pre-heated mug or thermos to help retain heat and prevent your coffee from cooling too quickly.

Cafetiere: Add a small spoonful of cocoa powder or chocolate chips to your coffee grounds for a rich, chocolatey flavour.

Aeropress: Try using a paper filter instead of the included metal filter. Personal preference here, but a paper filter can filter out some of the oils allowing for a brighter and sweeter flavour.

Pour over: Experiment with different brewing ratios, like a 1:16 coffee-to-water ratio for a stronger, more intense cup of coffee, or a 1:18 ratio for a milder, more delicate flavour.

Or, ignore the above, if you're happy with your routine 😍👍

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