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Coffee production in Brazil including Rainforest Alliance certified farms

Coffee production in Brazil including Rainforest Alliance certified farms

Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer, accounting for around one-third of global coffee production and there are several factors that contribute to this dominance. 

Most importantly, Brazil's climate is ideal for coffee cultivation, with the country's vast land area providing a range of microclimates that are suitable for growing coffee trees.  Coffee trees take about three to four years to mature and start producing fruit. Once the trees start producing, harvest will typically occur once a year between April and September, with the exact timing varying based on the region and weather conditions.

Other contributors include the expansive land area which provides plenty of space for coffee plantations. The country has over 10 million hectares of coffee farms, which is roughly equivalent to the size of Portugal.  Also Brazilian coffee farmers use advanced farming techniques and equipment, including mechanical harvesting and irrigation systems, which increase productivity and efficiency.


Coffee production in Brazil is mostly concentrated in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, and Espírito Santo, with smaller production in other states such as Bahia and Paraná.

After harvesting, the coffee beans are processed through either wet (washed), or dry (natural), and semi-washed (pulped natural) is also used. The dry process involves sun-drying the beans with their fruit still attached, while the wet process involves removing the fruit from the beans before drying.  Once the beans have been processed, they are sorted and graded based on their size, shape, and colour. 

Overall, coffee production in Brazil is a crucial industry that employs millions of people and generates significant revenue for the country. It is also an important part of Brazil's cultural heritage and plays a key role in the country's economy.

There are several coffee farms in Brazil that have been certified by the Rainforest Alliance including Daterra Estate, a large coffee farm located in Minas Gerais, and certified since 2003. Daterra produces a range of specialty coffees including coffees we source and roast.

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