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How to keep your cafe making a profit from coffee

How to keep your cafe making a profit from coffee

coffee profits for cafes

We are often asked - how many cups should we extract from a kilo of coffee? How many serves from a kilo of chai powder? How much cappuccino chocolate should we use in a hot chocolate? etc, etc.

It's easy with a tea bag or a sugar stick you can exactly work out your serving size and portion cost but the bevvy of modern day coffee options, sizes, milks and add-ons can make it a bit confusing.

So here's a snapshot of approximate costs per serving for la Casa's del Caffe's coffees and other popular cafe products.

One thing to keep in mind is that different coffees will require different grinds and serving sizes.  For instance, a light roast or single origin may require a double shot size to perfect the coffee taste for the consumer - we have based our tests on our la Casa Tropicana Blend and we have allowed for some spillage/waste.

Our traditional blends, Italian, French, Tazza D’oro, Colombian and la Casa Tropicana yield approximately 100 cups out of a double 20g basket (2 x10g serves) - you’ll get less if making a single 14 gram basket like you would for a short black or 12oz cup.


La Casa del Caffe Coffees

Kg Price (inc GST)

Cups per kg

Unit Cost

Sell Price eg.

Profit per 8oz cup

Profit per kg

Kgs Per week

Profit per year

Traditional Blends based on 20g Double basket









Single origins based on 14g Single basket



















What else affects the cost of a cup of coffee?

Other direct costs that need to be considered in delivering a coffee beverage include:

GST at 10% = 40 cents 
Takeaway cup & lid = 18 cents 
Milk = 35 cents 
Sugar & stirrer = 1 cent 
Indirect costs of business need to be paid out of the remaining. The indirect costs include rent, wages, bank charges and eftpos fees, telephones, websites, business loans, tables, chairs, aprons etc. 


Other Cafe Products

Pack Price (inc GST)

Servings per Pack

Unit Cost

Sell Price eg.

Profit per Serve

Profit per Pack

Packs Per week

Profit per year

Hot Chocs









Tea Bags 250


















Chai Latte










So if you're cafe isn't making a profit - give us a call because we can definitely help you with that.

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