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best way to store coffee

The best way to store opened bags of coffee beans

Best way to store roasted coffee

What is the best way to store opened bags of coffee beans?

Coffee releases gas after it is roasted, this gas or 'aroma' carries with it flavour. The bean will continue to release it over time, and there's no way to stop this process. Trapping the gas helps contain the aroma but it cannot be put back into the bean.

When storing roasted coffee beans, be careful to avoid:

  • contact with air,
  • contact with moisture (or high air humidity),
  • repetitive fluctuation of temperature (and high heat temperature)

In general terms, the best way to store coffee is in an air-tight container, in a cool, dry and dark place.  A cupboard in your kitchen is ideal.

General tips for effective storage:

  • The storage room/cupboard must be a dry and preferably cool (room temperature), dark environment.
  • Keep away from smoke, steam, dust, and strong/chemical smells.
  • Swap to a good quality medium or dark roast - if you prefer the lighter roasts - buy in smaller packs ie 250g and consume it within a fortnight of opening.
  • Do not keep coffee in the fridge, the freezer is ok but the above option is better.
  • The containers must be air-tight sealed or very tightly sealed (mason jars, screw-top, etc are all good options).
  • Avoid plastic containers (BPA-free plastic containers are fine to use).
  • If the roastery packaging is a foil bag with a one-way air valve and zip lock, then by all means leave it in the bag and keep it in the cupboard. 


Please note that ground coffee will lose it's flavour faster than beans but follow the same process as above and you'll get more life out of your ground coffee.

Also the flavour in a good quality medium to dark roast will last longer than a light roast.

Our unopened bags of coffee beans have a two year best before shelf life, so if you store them in a dry, room temperature cupboard away from nasty smells, then you can buy bulk and have access to fresh coffee whenever you need it.

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