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Papua New Guinea

The high quality of PNG Coffee

Papua New Guinea coffee is one of our favourites and there's good reasons for this. For starters, their close proximity to Australia makes trade more sustainable; their coffee is naturally produced with no pesticides and synthetic fertilizers; they are one of our neighbours; and, last but not least, they grow and harvest a very high quality product.

Commercial coffee production in PNG took off in the 1920s. There is some evidence of it happening before this time, however, it was during the 1920s that the planting of the highly revered Jamaican Blue Mountain seeds occurred.

The rich volcanic soil is fertile and provides a great home for coffee cultivation. The climate is hot with high levels of rainfall while the topography is mountainous with peaks close to 4,000 metres.

Coffee plant varietals grown in Papua New Guinea include Blue Mountain (Coffea Arabica var. blue mountain), Catimor (Coffea arabica var. catimor), Caturra (Coffea arabica var. caturra) and Mundo Novo (Coffea arabica hybrid mundo novo).  Also New Guinea Sigri Coffee; New Guinea Arona Coffee and New Guinea Kimel Coffee.

Typically wet processed (washed), a Papua New Guinea coffee has depth yet well-balanced, low to medium acidity, a syrupy mouthfeel, with a broad balance of flavours that provide a bright and clean taste – a delicate sweetness enhanced by a complex and fruity aroma.

Over the many years of roasting PNG coffee we have never experienced an average tasting bean, PNG coffees are consistently excellent quality.

The Arabica coffee is grown inland at high altitudes, inland Morobe, Eastern, Simbu, and Western highlands province. Robusta covering 5% is grown in the lowlands mostly in the Sepik region of the country with new growth areas are Milne Bay and East New Britain.

Some of our blends contain PNG coffee including la Casa Blend and Seasonal Organics Blend contains the PNG Kokoda Organic.


Country:  Papua New Guinea
Capital:   Port Moresby
Area:   772,000 sq. km
Population:   7.7 million
Language:  English
Currency:  Kina
Annual Production:  1 Million 60kg Bags
Coffee Producing Area:  Not verified
Producing Regions:   Eastern Highlands, Western Highlands and Chimbu
Coffee Varietals:  Various including Blue Mountain, Catimor, Caturra, etc
Terrain:   Mountainous
Altitude:  1,300m – 2,000m
Soil:   Volcanic
Processing:   Washed

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