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Ideal home or office espresso set up

The ideal home espresso set up

Our service technician, Rob, set up a new Ruby Pro one group machine with a Cunhil Tranquilo on-demand grinder for a customer for their home.  He delicately plonked a calico delivery bag full of coffee beans on top of it and took a photo.  It wasn't the most elegant of photographic compositions but he posted it on our social media pages and it received many likes and inquiries. Way to go Rob!

Which is why we chose this as our next blog subject. Have you ever considered investing in a semi-commercial espresso set-up at home? It can be very convenient and economically rewarding in the long term. Those who have a daily coffee or two might be conscious of the dollars they spend each day and how it adds up over the month or a year. Two coffees a day at $4 each will set you back $2,920 per annum. For a similar amount you could have your own professional espresso set up at home that will keep producing cafe-quality coffee for a very long time.

Good equipment is fundamental. You will not get the same results from a cheap bean to cup that you will from a machine and grinder that is compact but has the same parts as commercial equipment. We're talking about features like - compact, mobile, water tank, drainage tray, 10amp power and all with a commercially powered group head and boiler.

We import Quality Espresso coffee machines and their Ruby range is designed specifically for home and office coffee needs. The Ruby Pro is small but powerful, it doesn't need to be plumbed-in to the mains because it has a built-in 3 litre water tank with 2 vibration pumps and drainage tray. It is built with a commercial group, filter holder and solenoids used for professional foodservice models.

The Cunhil Tranquilo-Tron is $880 including gst.  These compact grinders are smaller than a commercial grinder but the burrs are the same size as a Mazzer Super Jolly. It has an on-demand grind and electronic dose so it's super easy to set up and use.

Private customers and home users can purchase coffee from us by either ordering online, popping into the roastery or giving us a call. There are many benefits to buying directly from the roaster, including the variety of blends and single origins you can choose from, our delivery service, expert advice and great value wholesale pricing.

Our coffee price is from $30 per kilo* or buy 6kg for $150 and it includes delivery
*We have a minimum of 2kg for free delivery. The average yield from a kg of coffee is 80 cups so it's rather good value for money, that's about $0.31 + milk if you have it, as opposed to $4 a cup.

Listed below are some of our coffees:

  • la Casa Blend, our signature blend is a blend of 5 A grade beans and is the perfect balance of flavours and aromas
  • Italian Blend, full of traditional Italian espresso flavour
  • Tazza D’oro, strong and pure Italian style espresso
  • French Blend, a smooth Parisian classic, medium roast
  • Finca Kassandra Estate Mexico, an Arabica single origin that is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Honduras, Cafe Organico Marcala, single origin is 100% Fairtrade and Organic
  • Seasonal Organics 3 Bean Blend a delicious mix of certified organic beans from Central America, South America and PNG
  • Decaffeinated, a natural water process is used that produces a flavoursome decaf, pre-ground in 250g bags for $7.50 each

and our NEW - Viva Brasil Blend from the Cerrado Region of Brasil.

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